Rumi a Source of Inspiration for Universal Justice and Peace

Rumi, is one of the greatest sages, universal thinkers, spritual masretrs and mystic poets of all times, Human dignity and social justice are at the centre of his world of thoughts he became, Mewlana, lover and master of not just a small group around him but of everyone as he defended human rights without any discrimination and struggled for the prosperity of the people and for fair and good governance, in this repsect. Rumi is not only the poet of love, which is the source of every movement in the universe, the vigour that reaches from te atoms to the galaşies and the dynamism, but he is also the poet of social life and justice which is the foundation of the state.

People in our age especially decison-mareks and lawmakers, should understand Rumi, who carries universal value for all humanity in terms of his lifestyle, thoughts and messages, They must especally learn and implement his approach to people, understanding of justice an freedom, his message to administrators, his honestly, tolerance and modesty and value he göves competence and merits, ethical values and expertise.

Dr. Ergin ERGÜL

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